Song Khran

Song Khran = Happy New Year

Song Khran Day April 13th every year in Thailand is Song Khran day – the Thai New Year. It marks in theory the end of the hottest season from March to April and the day is celebrated in the form of one huge water fight. Young and old let their hair down and spend the day splicing water and firing water guns. No one is exempt from a drenching so forget about getting anything important done on Song Khran day. In Krabi the celebration only lasts for a day, but in other parts of Thailand it continues for up to 5 days.

song khran

song khran

The significance of Songkran is water, which is symbolic of the purging of all ills, misfortune and evil and a fresh start of the New Year. This has turned Songkran into a water carnival. Groups of people, friends and strangers alike, line in and wait for their potential victims at street corners with buckets of water ready to splash at unsuspecting passersby. Since April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, everyone enjoys being soaking wet on Son khran.

The whole country celebrates Song khran but the festivities are nowhere as exalted as in Chiang Mai. Songkran Festival is not only observed in Thailand but also in Burma, Laos and Cambodia. This is one celebration that definitely should never be missed.

This year our gang set up outside Good Dream Guesthouse and went to water war with every passing car, truck, bike or pedestrian. We had buckets, water guns, pipes, bottles, cups and hoses. With some cool tunes provided by Billy and a fridge full of ice cold beers it was just like every other Song Khran – wet n wild. Later we moved up to Chilling Bar and the party continued until early evening.

I fished out the old go pro cameras and shot some video this year………